A place for me to spew out IT related stuff, or any thing else for that matter.

An UK ex-pat now living in the USA, enjoying cheaper gas, more space, warmer weather, and longer store opening hours! 🙂

But missing, pubs/beer, good cheese, British sense of humor, diesel cars.

Not missing, expensive petrol, puke on the streets, chavs and hoodies.

Always been into tech and IT related stuff, having roots in Desktop Music Production (sequencers, MIDI controllers, synths etc) a long with motorcycles and mountain-biking, all of which has taken a back seats since the “little’uns” have arrived on the scene.

You will find a general theme here (I can’t help it, I can be a cheapskate), and that is I like to do things on the cheap, but having said that, not trying to sacrifice reliability  and functionality a long the way, trying to strike a balance if you like.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jim Keel says:

    I just like your “IT vomit” site in general. I am and old IT hack which I still do today. I will add other comments in the future. Busy looking for new work now.
    Great web site & thanks.
    jim keel

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