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My adventures with video surveillance, using IP cameras, CCTV camera, software to record it all.

Foscam FI8910W compared to FI8918W

I already own several Foscam FI8918Ws, so I have some experience with Foscam, I had it up and running within a few minutes, assigned a staticĀ IP using a wired ethernet connection, then set-up the wireless. I use all of my … Continue reading

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Foscam FI8918W – not re-establishing wirless link after scheduled wireless stop/start

My problem. Teenager staying up all night playing online games. Scheduled blocking of IP/MAC addresses using DD-WRT worked fine for awhile, but after a few weeks the schedule seems to go a drift, even though DD-WRT still shows the correct … Continue reading

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BlueIris – getting alerts sent via SMS

I used this and it worked fine: Found at Camera > Alerts, then under ‘Using the internet’ there is a setting named ‘Send an SMS text message to a cell phone’ click the ‘Configured’ button next to it, then … Continue reading


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Observation on lowcost PTZ IP cameras (Foscam, Foscam clones et el – as found on

Many of you will be aware of the lowcost cameras on ebay, but I thought I’d offer up my observation, it may help somebody out. I bought 2 x IP PT cameras, the first one was a clone of the … Continue reading

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