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Foscam FI8918W – not re-establishing wirless link after scheduled wireless stop/start

My problem. Teenager staying up all night playing online games. Scheduled blocking of IP/MAC addresses using DD-WRT worked fine for awhile, but after a few weeks the schedule seems to go a drift, even though DD-WRT still shows the correct … Continue reading

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Coffee – Chiapas

Mexican Chiapas I like coffee, a lot.  My work colleague brought in some really nice coffee,  it has a most distinct flavor,  not bitter at all,  subtle floral notes,  you really do have to try it to appreciate it. The … Continue reading

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Home media server and media streaming devices

Thought I’d share by media server/torrent/seeding setup with you all, my be useful to somebody. It has been uber reliable for well over 30 months now, with scarcely a reboot. I moved from the UK to the US (UK born … Continue reading

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Windows Software

I’ve been using Windows Desktop OS’s for years, starting with Windows 3.1, 95, 98, XP, Vista…etc…etc.. – I was also a SysAdmin for  Server 2000/2003 for quite a few years, picked up a few things a long the way. This … Continue reading

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For 4 or so years, and with great success, I’ve been using Cobian Backup (For Windows, it’s free BTW) to backup various family PCs, but I had a few problems getting the email notifications to play with a gmail account. … Continue reading

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Windows 7 – how to find Users, Contacts and Groups

Okay, to search the Active Directory in XP Pro, all I had to do was to go to Start > Search > Printers, Computers or People > People in your address book then select Active Directory from the drop down … Continue reading

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Splunk – howto configure a RHEL6 host to send data to Spunk and to use the Splunk TA for Unix and Linux

I did this. On Splunk server (receiver) Download/install Splunk TA for Unix and Linux to the Splunk server (receiver) and enabled it by going to Manager|Apps|Enable On host you want to collect data from (sender) Download and install the Splunk … Continue reading

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How to exclude a directory from Linux audit

Using audit to track system changes, with rules from the CIS security guidelines. This server also has Splunk running on it, this created a crap load of changes that are reflected in the audit log files, so much so that … Continue reading

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99 Cadillac STS – A/C blower fan repair

Right on cue for the super hot summers here OK, the A/C has gone out. History Been working fine, nice and cold no issues at all. Last week, driving home from work, A/C on max ( it was 105F out), … Continue reading

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CentOS – configuring nightly automatic updates

I believe that yum-cron now comes package with, but if it doesn’t this do the trick. Upgrade yum first # yum upgrade yum Reboot Check to see if you already have yum-cron – the cron job for updating # rpm … Continue reading

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