Coffee – Chiapas

Mexican Chiapas

I like coffee, a lot.  My work colleague brought in some really nice coffee,  it has a most distinct flavor,  not bitter at all,  subtle floral notes,  you really do have to try it to appreciate it. The grind he used was fairly coarse,  and it works well in a drip machine,  but the best flavor are had if you use a cafetiere (French Press),  as do most coffees in my opinion.

If you are in the Oklahoma City area you can get it from:


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1 Response to Coffee – Chiapas

  1. giobd says:

    Hi nice blog,

    I recently launched my “Gio’s Coffee Diary” blog
    Please let me know what you think.

    It includes reviews of different coffees from around the world, café reviews and tips about coffee tasting, preparation and cupping. Economics and ethics also feature very heavily and there are separate sections for each. Please feel free to let me know what you think, provide feedback or submit your own coffee and/or café reviews. Finally, check out the news stories on the “Blog Updates” tab which I update on an almost daily basis.

    I reviewed Mexican Chiapas Finca Muxbal on my page too:

    Tell me what you think of my review and please feel to leave comments.

    Thanks. Gio

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