Kubuntu 11.10 – more font funnies, not!

Recently had to support the printing of various barcodes, initially it printed the barcodes but one or more of the Kubuntu updates broke it after a reboot.  The barcodes looked fine in preview before printing,  but once printed,  well it just has a bunch of numbers instead of the barcode.

Everything looked fine in /usr/share/fonts, my added Type1 and Truetype font directories were there,  to fix it I did the following

  1. In /home/username created a new .fonts directory
  2. Copied my Type1 and Truetype to  .fonts
  3. Ran sudo fc-cache -f -v
  4. Ran sudo mkfontdir
  5. Ran sudo mkfontscale

This created 2 new files in /home/username/.fonts  fonts.scale and fonts.dir,  if you want the fonts system wide do the above in /usr/share/fonts.


About hedscratchers

A UK ex-pat now living in the USA.
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